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Kona 2013

Written by Jessie on . Posted in General, Race Reports

I figure everyone has had enough of the swim, bike and run race reports from Kona by now so here’s some of what I learned in my first trip to the Big Island:

  • When you head out for your first ride on the Queen K and find yourself flying at 26+mph it’s not because you have suddenly become the cyclist of your dreams as race day approaches. It means you have a tail wind and it will take you twice as long to get home. It also means you’ll probably run out of fluids and get really dehydrated. I learned this one the hard way.
  • QRWhen you have a huge head wind and are barely moving don’t drink all your bottles assuming it will take you ½ the time to get home. The winds change quickly and you might just have that same headwind on the way home. There is a good chance you’ll run out of fluids when this happens.
  • My sponsors are the best. There are times I don’t feel all that “pro”. I’m a mom in VT pretty far from triathlon central and lets just face it, my style needs some work. In Kona my sponsors made me feel like a rock star! The number of times I heard “whatever you need, just let us know” was amazing. It really does make such a difference to feel that support. Thank you QR, Shimano, Rudy Project, TYR, Powerbar, QT2 and Normatec and of course my #1 fan club, my family.
  • The TYR house is as cool as you’ve heard it is. You even feel super cool when you leave the house in your TYR glasses and hat. tyr
  • You can buy Biotta Beet Juice on the island, they had lots of it at Island Naturals. I packed mine in my suitcase in triple ziplocks and bubble wrap, risky business.
  • Swimming at the Kona Aquatic Center is free!! The pool is busy with masters swimming from 6-7:30 and then quiets down after that. We had a number of great family swim workouts there, our version of Phys Ed for our homeschooling.poolsnorkel
  • Homeschooling is really fun for phys ed. and marine biology (swimming in the ocean) but the real work and planning is hard. I have a whole new respect for teachers.
  • Snorkeling at Turtle Beach/Kahalu’u is definitely worth the effort it takes to stick your head in the water and you get to laugh at how funny you look in a mask and snorkel.
  • This sunscreen is amazing! Not a single burn for any of us in our 3 weeks on the Island. sunscreen
  • Magic Sands beach, aka “Boogie Board Beach” is the place to go for waves. If you are there and you hear whistles blowing and suddenly the beach looks like this and everyone is suddenly out of the water, that means a very large shark is swimming very close to shore.shark
  • Take the time to go to the kid’s race on Tuesday, inspiring efforts out there, not sure where these kids get it ;-)                                                                                                            griffraceday
  • kidsraceGet involved in the World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge and check out their super cool Buffalo Bikes!     WBR2
  • When you head out for your first ride in the new Rudy Project Wing57 helmet you are so fast the camera is blurry. rudy
  • I think the reason why my coach is always right is because we have the same name. Thanks Jessejesse
  • When you do surf lessons at 9am the day after the race it kind of hurts, but it’s mostly fun.

. Surf JessIMG_4662


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